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US whacks out four more terrorists

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Six U.S. drones hovered around a small town in North Waziristan, Pakistan, waiting for the right moment, and then one of them struck.

One of the drones fired two missiles, killing four militants in the town of Datta Khel, a mountainous region near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, according to The Express Tribune, a Pakistani publication.

A security official said that a US drone fired two missiles at a compound surrounded by thickets in Manzar Khel area in Datta Khel near Pak-Afghan border, around 40 kilometres towards west of Miranshah.

According to tribesmen in the area, six drones were hovering over the tehsil since afternoon spreading panic among the residents.

In the evening, the drones fired missiles at the compound killing militants, they said adding that fire erupted in the compound after which local militants reached the spot and shifted the bodies to an undisclosed location.

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