Rush accuses Dems of using Newtown parents as ‘human shields’

President Obama never lets a crisis go to waste. The latest example of this is his decision to turn his weekly radio address over to one of the Newtown mothers who lost a child in the mass shooting.

A shameless exploitation of a grieving parent that captured radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh‘s attention, Mediaite reports.

“This is how all opposition is silenced,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “This is how it’s done. You can’t dare talk about the issue now because opposing Obama’s agenda is opposing these people, is opposing these parents, is having no heart.”

Of course, this so called “compassionate conservatism” didn’t work out all that well for President George W. Bush.

“They’re trying to turn the Newtown parents into a dozen Cindy Sheehans in a way. It’s what the Democrats do, folks. They always try to hide their agendas behind women and children, and, most of all, victims. So the Newtown parents are human shields, in a sense.”

(Cindy Sheehan is the antiwar activist who lost a son in Iraq.)

Tom Tillison


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