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Howard Stern fan interrupts Tucker Carlson fishing in Central Park

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Howard Stern guest contributor Joey Boots stumbled across Fox News’ Tucker Carlson fly-fishing Saturday in New York, and what ensued is a hilarious video between these two men who had no idea who the other one was.

Joey Boots passed away on December 23, 2016. R.I.P.

The gum-chewing, adorable and soft-spoken Tucker Carlson was such a good sport, especially when Boots said he mostly watches CNN!

Boots went home and tweeted the video asking his 15 thousand-plus followers if they knew who the man was:

Joey Boots tweet

I had no idea who he was until I tweeted his pic and asked my followers if any of them knew him, which I did because after I was filming I asked what he did and he said he was in media but wouldn’t say more.

And he was surprised to learn it was Carlson. Boots said he didn’t recognize him without his standard “bow-tie!”

Watch this random meeting in Central Park: (Adult language):


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