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Startling video shows how easy it is to get people to give up rights

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In the following video, Mark Dice circulates a fake petition to “repeal the Second Amendment and get all of the legal registered guns off the street.” What’s shocking is the ease with which he’s able to get signatures.

Dice is a self-described “media analyst, trouble maker, and author of the new book ‘Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True,’” according to his website.

The video proves if you promote an idea in an enthusiastic, non-threatening manner, you can get pretty much anyone to agree to damn near anything, as long as it doesn’t cost them any money.

Typically, Dice uses the reasoning that he wanted to get rid of the guns from all law-abiding citizens so that only the criminals have guns.

“You don’t have to convince us, my friend!” one man said as he signed the petition.

After seeing the video, one of Dice’s colleague wrote Friday night, “And that is exactly how Obama got reelected!”

The people he approached didn’t have to give up any money by signing the petition. But they were giving up something much more precious — a basic freedom.


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