Marine veteran told he can’t fly military flags

Holy Hill's Bikers
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Eddie Colosimo, a wounded Marine Corps veteran, feels strongly about the United States Armed Forces.

Colosimo runs the non-profit Holy Hill’s Bikers for First Amendments Rights restaurant and bar that helps support military veterans, and flies flags representing all branches of the military in front of the location.

“These flags represent our men and women all over the world for us today!” he told Fox 35 Orlando.

The flags have been on display for two years without incident, until Colosimo received a letter this week from the City of Holly Hill informing him that the flags violates a new code passed in March, Fox 35 reported.

Businesses are now required to apply for a permit to display a temporary sign or banner on their property, according to Fox 35. The American, POW, and state flags are allowed.

“Please don’t try to tell me my Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force flags are flutter signs, and compare them to beer signs,” Colosimo said. “That doesn’t fly!”

For now, Colosimo is being fined $300 a day by the city, who said they will hold a special hearing in two weeks to discuss the matter.

“You’re gonna tell me that I can’t honor them… show respect for them? I’m sorry. Bring your handcuffs. I’ll go to jail. I don’t care.”

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