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Left calls Dana Perino racist for her spoof on Jay-Z rap

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Day-P and lil JasperThe left doesn’t appear to be amused by a Fox News show co-host’s spoof of a popular rap artist.

After Jay-Z released a rap earlier in the week t0 answer critics of his Cuban trip, “The Five” co-host Dana Perino performed one of her own. It was done in fun, and as fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld noted, it was the worst rap in history.

The following day, Richard Robbins tweeted:

“@ rich1
This rap response from @ DanaPerino to Jay-Z shows how laughable minority outreach is for @ Reince Priebus and the GOP. “

Max Reed opined in The Gawker that the “‘joke’ here (the one Perino is making, not the one you’re laughing it) is ‘LOL, black people.’”

Gutfeld stuck up for his co-host.

“All you dumb-ass bloggers out there who are calling her a racist, I gotta ask you, What do you do in your free time?” Gutfeld said. “Have you ever gone to Africa and worked in an HIV center? I don’t think you have. Dana has. So if you want to talk about whether or not she’s a racist, I’d be happy to talk to you about it.”

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