Hitler youth 4
Albany teacher to students: Think like a Nazi

An upstate New York high school English teacher may be facing disciplinary action when he asked his students to think like a Nazi and describe why “Jews […]

Pro-gun advocate says he helped write Manchin-Toomey gun bill 

A gun rights proponent dropped a bombshell at a Portland, Ore., gathering Friday night, when he told a room of supporters that members of his organization had […]

Utah Data Center
Surveillance state: Fox News watched by NSA, questioned by FBI

The National Security Agency’s massive, big brother-on-steroids, data mining spy facility in Bluffdale, Utah is almost complete, bringing new concerns over the “liberty, security, and privacy” of […]

Holy Hill's Bikers
Marine veteran told he can’t fly military flags

Eddie Colosimo, a wounded Marine Corps veteran, feels strongly about the United States Armed Forces. Colosimo runs the non-profit Holy Hill’s Bikers for First Amendments Rights restaurant and […]

Fla. House Speaker Weatherford stands tall against Obamacare

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida House on Friday passed its version of the state budget for next year, setting the stage for wrangling with the Senate – and […]

Congress guts insider trading bill, exempts itself

Congress approved a bill this week that would essentially allow its members to profit on the basis of insider information — something that would turn the ordinary […]

Day-P and lil Jasper
Left calls Dana Perino racist for her spoof on Jay-Z rap

The left doesn’t appear to be amused by a Fox News show co-host’s spoof of a popular rap artist. After Jay-Z released a rap earlier in the […]

dianne feinstein
Feinstein, CNN incite panic over guns by invoking al-Qaida

In a borderline bizarre interview this week on “Morning Joe,” U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said if America continues to allow private gun sales, al-Qaida terrorists and bad […]

Army Sgt. Grisham
Army sergeant ‘illegally arrested and disarmed’ carrying hunting rifle

The gun-grabbing campaign of a Texas prosecutor came to a head recently when an active-duty Army sergeant was spotted “rudely displaying” a hunting rifle while hiking with […]

Francine Wheeler
Ultimate exploitation: Newtown mom delivers Obama’s radio address

Not an administration to ever let a tragedy go to waste to forward its progressive political agenda, President Obama turned his weekly radio address over to a […]

Border crossings on rise because ‘Obama will let me go’

With Congress inching closer to a deal on immigration reform that would allow a path to citizenship, border crossings are on the rise. Despite claims by Homeland […]

Mexican Barbie
Take our poll: Do you think Mattel’s Mexican Barbie is offensive to Mexicans?

Mexican Barbie and her travel accessories have ignited a firestorm. The doll is outfitted in a pink, ruffled dress and comes with a Chihuahua and a passport. […]