Ted Nugent: If you wanna stop gun trafficking, arrest Holder

Sporting a very spiffy-looking beard, legendary rocker and Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent appeared on CNN Thursday night to talk gun control with Erin Burnett.


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Nugent described the compromise reached by Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Pa., as little more than a “feel-good measure” that won’t do a thing to curb gun violence.

“I reject it out of hand as a feel-good measure that’s not going to accomplish anything,” he said. “It won’t stop any shootings, that’s for sure.”

Nugent and Burnett seemed to agree, at least in theory, on keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, with Nugent saying, “Every one of those nut jobs should have been in a cage a long time before they committed those heinous acts.”

The problem, though, the rocker told Burnett, is putting everything in the hands of the government.

“I just don’t trust the government,” Nugent said. “I don’t trust the government that claims it’s going to reduce the budget while they increase the budget.”

When Burnett said she agreed that America should put an end to gun trafficking, Nugent said, “Then you would support my recommendation that we arrest Eric Holder,” in obvious reference to his role in the “Operation Fast and Furious” debacle.

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79 thoughts on “Ted Nugent: If you wanna stop gun trafficking, arrest Holder

  1. Ted says:

    Ted Nugent endorsement for any candidate for the GOP. Democrats couldn't pray for a better circumstance. He, and those that love him seem to have a rationale for everything about his history that "stinks?". Reminds me of the news story about the guy running around stealing womens' underwear off clotheslines and explaining that he was using them for "slingshots". Silly as it seems, some of you would even believe this. Wouldn't you? This stinky rat deserves no attention. On second thought, maybe, yours.

  2. Jeff Specht says:

    Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who

    Do Not Turn In Guns


  3. Doug Hanks says:

    Erin and Ted essentially agreed. See the left and the right can come together.

  4. Eric Malkin says:

    Nuge reminds me if all the chicken hawks in this country fight to other peoples death not mine I am too importent RE: limbaugh ,all the talking heads on Fox.

    I am as consevative as it gets but I served in the Marines by choice not dragged kicking and screaming

  5. Frank says:

    So many people saying "stand up and fight" but really, what to do when a dozen or so armed police or Federal officers come to the house and demand entry, and start taking your guns away? Wife standing there, kids standing there, guns pointed at you – who is really going to try to rush to a closet, grab a gun, and come out shooting? They'll shoot you dead.

    Worse, those officers aren't the real enemy – the real enemies are Obama, Biden, Holder, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Cuomo, et al. Do you recommend trying to hunt all those people down and assassinate them? Of course not.

    As for why "they" are going after law-abiding gun owners instead of known felons, criminals, gangbangers, and the like? That's easy – they know that actual criminals WILL shoot at them and some of them may die, whereas disarming ordinary decent people (the folks who go to work, pay their taxes, and DON'T commit murder/rape/robbery) is easy because those people are not likely to start shooting at the officers who go on confiscation runs.

  6. Cheryl Bralick says:

    Funny how fast & furious has dropped from the media & they don't talk about Benghazi. They won't go away for some of us. From the progressive liberals (Obama people) they want the issues to disappear, but there are plenty of us that still want answers

  7. Laura says:

    I wanted to add some thoughts to this discussion. I found what William Fuzi wrote interesting. You are right that we can observe all the sixties radicals… and I got to thinking about this and decided to do some research into these personalities. When I got done, it started to all make sense. President Obama is what these folks all gave birth to in this nation… a communist President.

    Now, before the left reacts… I am not calling him a name. If you read the President's own book, he tells us about a mentor he had by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, who was like a father to Mr. Obama. Read a book called "The Communist" by Paul Kengor and he will tell you that Frank Marshall Davis is a card carrying communist by the FBI records and also the Russians opened up their archives to let us know, he is a member of the American Communist Party that was founded in 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. Also, to give you further history on the American Communist Party read Dupes by Paul Kengor and this book will give you the history of the communists in America and how they stirred up trouble by pitting groups against each other. What the communist did was to infiltrate the Democratic Party and now for all practical purposes, we should just call them the American Socialist Party with progressive being used by the big party Communists as helpful Dupes. Many americans defended the communist infiltrators (their goal to over throw the United States Government) with useful liberal progressives defending these soviet spies. They infiltrated the Universities and we allowed them to teach Marxism as open academic thinking… while the Soviets invited these useful idiots to Russia to indocrinate our University professors from the 1919…onward.

    Before war broke out between Germany and Russia… when Germany broke their agreement pack with Stalin after Germany and Russia agreed to split up the spoils of war over Poland… the Russian official policy in America was to stage peace rallies… and this was what Frank Marshall Davis was writing about… the american imperialists. Also, the communist Frank Marshall Davis was trying to get blacks in the south to stage another civil war over radical tensions in the USA… as this was official policy of the soviets to cause division in the USA. The NAACP, was at that time, very discerning and realized that the communist were trying to use their race to cause discord. The communists had by that time set up the ALCU with communist lawyers to protect their people from the UnAmerican Congressional Inquiries of Joe McCarthy at that time. The communists used their limited numbers to stage these massive protects to get progressives to be useful idiots for their political causes where it suited communists political purposes as given by Joseph Stalin. Stalin did not want the USA at war in Europe, as long as Germany and Russia were on good terms in working to divide the spoils. Stalin only wanted to keep the USA out of Asia, the Hawaii Islands (Frank Marshall Davis) was sent to Hawaii to bring communism there to take over their organizations…just as they were doing in mainland America…. with more dupes to help them in their cause.

    Once Russia was attacked by Germany, then Stalin wanted America in the war and now, the official American Communist position was that American needs to go to war. A total flip flop!. Once the war was won in Europe, the communists in America were instructed to start start protects on how unamerican and imperialist it was of america to be in Viet Nam, Korea etc. Soviet policy was against the Marshall Plan… on soviet/communist expansionism. And, you will find this throughout the Universities… as if, this thinking is their own… when in fact, the communists were placing this policy into their leadership of the American Communists inside the Universities… as supposely, the progressive free thinking. If you remember, the FBI doing all those observations with swat and helicopters and lots of law enforcement… that is what was going on during this time. Do your own research… and see what you all come up with.

    The communists wanted to redefine the family… a man and a woman; education is to be state run (just like nazi Germany and that of Russia); Civil rights were to given up in the redefining of our constitution…. all while, the progressive left and some on the progressive right… all thought, these ideas were their own…. when in fact, these new policies are communist ideologies. Some american believe, that we can have a little bit of socialism and some capitalism (which is fascism— the kind that Germany is made up of now). Still until this day, we now learn that Germany continues to outlaw, homeschooling for State Run Schools— to indocrinate children over parental controls. We have a case like that right now… a Germany family came to USA to keep Germany from taking their children from them… because the parents wanted to home school for religious liberty reasons. Now, Obama's administration Justice Department is filing a court brief to get this family sent back to Germany after giving the family political asylum. Obama's administration is now saying, the home schooling is not a right. Parents do not own their own children but children are the cooperate responsibility of the state. This is fascism/communism people. If the State can get to our children, than our country is lost. The communists are working to take this university training into our high schools and now elementary schools to indocrinate our children. The communists worked on school curriculums in getting out schools to drop Civics training on how to become a good citizen of the United States. Most of our children, no longer know their USA history and the ideas our country was founded on. Meaning the Constitutional ideas of our country. Since 1919, the communists have worked on infilitrating all parts of our society: hollywood; agricultural; treasury during FDR; banking; Universities; labor and labor unions— SEIU, LongShoreMan's Union, Clothing Unions, Truckers etc on labor; Social Welfare Programs… setting up the legal defense Union to help defend their communists instigators with our police departments and FBI—because the communists knew that they were going to come into contact with the law with the radicals they had. Saul Alinisky is a communist from what I have been told. He used communist stratgy to bring down societal change.

    What has happened, we american's slept, while the communists did this stuff… to change the moral fiber of our society. We now have to turn this back to the constitution safe guards and reject the communist value system. The communist worked to place their first communist President, and they have down this with Barack Obama. Do, more digging on the internet and you will find the documentation on the President and his family that they are communists.

    1. Laura says:

      Done this… instead of down this with President Obama.

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