Pro-amnesty forces protest Rubio, don’t know who he is

Media Research Center was at a “Rally for Citizenship” event on Capitol Hill this week and spotted a number of people holding up signs that mention U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

Upon asking the folks who Rubio is, it quickly becomes apparent the protestors have no idea.

One couple said on tape that the signs were made at the school the young child with them attended, which is later confirmed on the video. Very likely a taxpayer funded school, not that anyone in the media will follow up on this claim.

Another said their “social worker” gave them the sign.

Much like union members who often show up because they’re told to, having no clue why they’re protesting, these folks were likely given some type of incentive to attend the rally, or simply manipulated into doing so.

At a time when perception trumps reality in America, this is the real “astro-turf” former Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned us about.

Tom Tillison


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