Seriously, why is DHS buying new bagpipes?

A startling discovery was made early Thursday morning and has quickly gathered steam, leaving everyone scratching their heads and wondering what on earth does the Department of Homeland Security need with all those bagpipes?

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The Twitterverse lit up Thursday morning at 1:51 when the following tweet was sent out by Roll Call’s own Jonathan Strong:

“@ j_strong
Seriously though, why is DHS buying bagpipes?”

Strong included the URL to a government website indicating that the Department of Homeland Security was ordering not just bagpipes, but also drums and Scottish attire and paraphernalia.

An hour later, K.H. tweeted:

“@ StandWithPalin
I don’t know about U but the first thing I would do in a # sequester is order # BagPopes for DHS.

This in turn started a whole flurry of tweets in rapid succession, all wondering why DHS’s Customs and Border Protection office needs bagpipes at a time when the administration apparently can’t find the cash to keep White House tours open.

The only conceivable reason I can come up with is for funerals. But this in turn begs the question why couldn’t DHS employ the services of military bagpipers, especially at a time when government is supposed to be tightening its belt.

Read the list of items requested here.

UPDATE: Thursday morning, DHS cancelled its bagpipe order without comment. The question remains, though, why were the items ordered in the first place?

Read more tweets collected by the Twitchy team.


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