O’Reilly and Beckel clash over drug dealers

Bill O’Reilly tackled illegal drug use and the prison sentencing that often follows in his Talking Points commentary on Wednesday. He then clashed with The Five co-host Bob Beckel in a heated discussion on whether or not dealing drugs should be considered violent or non-violent.

O’Reilly said that several Hollywood celebrities had signed on to a letter to President Obama asking him to end the “war on drugs.” But after citing numerous statistics about the crime rate associated with drug dealing, and who is incarcerated for what crimes, O’Reilly said the “pinheads” in Hollywood didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

The argument became heated when the discussion turned to whether dealing drugs in any amount, even small amounts, should be considered “non-violent.” O’Reilly said that 99.8 percent of drug dealers in federal prison were there because of trafficking. Beckel disagreed.

“If you take an ounce of cocaine, you cross a border, it’s trafficking,” Beckel countered. As recovering addict, Beckel said he knows more about the issue than O’Reilly, who thinks that any amount should be classified as a violent crime.

“There are people who are dealing this stuff to keep their habits up,” Beckel said. “They have no right to be in federal prison.”

“So you can kill my kid ’cause you’re addicted!” O’Reilly shouted back at Beckel.

See the heated exchange on Fox News via Mediaite.


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