Hedrick Brothers
Pratt & Whitney selects Hedrick Brothers Construction for new Fla. building

Hedrick Brothers Construction Co., Inc. of West Palm Beach has been selected as construction manager by Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), […]

The Pentagon
Pentagon’s bombshell on N.Korea’s nukes

  U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn had some very alarming information on North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability that he released publicly in a House Armed Services Committee hearing […]

Gov Scott state of state
Fla. Gov. Scott signs 19 bills into law

The Florida legislative session has passed the halfway mark, presenting 19 bills for Gov. Rick Scott sign into law on Wednesday. The Internet Café Ban Bill, HB155, […]

Andrew Cuomo NY SAFE Act
Mentally unstable: NY takes guns away from wrong guy

“Oops” doesn’t quite cut it for the epic mistake that caused the wrong man to lose his gun permit under New York’s new gun law last week. […]

mark pafford, WPB Democrat
Fla. House Dems quick to criticize GOP Medicaid plan

TALLAHASSEE – Florida House Democratic Leader Thurston Perry, D-Fort Lauderdale, on Thursday called a new plan by the House GOP leadership for health insurance for uninsured Floridians […]

DWS Staff reqiest
DNC diva Wasserman Schultz requests special treatment from Capitol cops

Democratic National chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida requested the U.S. Capitol Police to grant her staff special treatment in light of the sequester cuts. “But […]

Jay-Z’s defiant rap about Cuba: ‘Obama said, chill you gonna get me impeached’

Jay-Zrapped about how his BFF President Obama told him he was worried about being impeached over Jay-Z’s controversial trip to communist Cuba with wife Beyoncé last week. […]

Melissa Harris-Perry
MSNBC ad: You have right to health care, education, housing, quality food at all times

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry seems intent on taking up the role Keith Olbermann played for so long, that being the “most annoying person in America.” Channeling her inner-FDR, […]

ACLU wants prison warden punished for denying Muslims group prayer

Lawyers for American-born Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh said the Indiana federal prison Lindh is housed in is defying a court order allowing Muslim prisoners to pray […]

Florida's Will Weatherford media
Fla. House leaders unveil plan to counter Obamacare expansion

TALLAHASSEE – Declaring “the ships have been burnt” on talk of Florida’s taking federal money in for Medicaid expansion, House Speaker Will Weatherford and state Rep. Richard […]

US Poverty
Poverty in America: Myth and reality

Official statistics fromthe U.S. government andinternational organizations showthe United States has the highest rate of child poverty ofany developed country, people in poverty than Indonesia and […]

Larry Pratt
What’s up with these gun polls, CNN?

Gun advocate Larry Pratt appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” Wednesday and got into a heated exchange with Wolf Blitzer, the show’s host. Earlier in the day, […]