Video: Two armed citizens stop armed robber’s crime spree

Armed Robbery
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James Johnson walked into a Phoenix area pharmacy last month, pointed a handgun at the clerk and demanded the painkiller Oxycotin, according to area police. The clerk compiled and quickly turned over the pills.

Perhaps believing the old adage that success begets success, Johnson attempted a second robbery two hours later at a pharmacy 20 minutes away from the first location.

As can be seen in the video below, which was posted on, he ran into a bit of a snag — an armed employee. Although, as the employee demanded that Johnson “get down on the floor,” he managed to dash out of the store empty-handed.

Not being swayed by the inopportune circumstances of his second attempt, the none-too-bright Johnson makes a third try at acquiring painkillers, robbing yet another pharmacy 23 minutes further away.

And this is where his luck runs out in the form of two armed citizens.

After an employee hands Johnson the pills, he quickly exits the store only to be confronted by two armed citizens, who disarm and detain Johnson until police arrived to arrest him.

Tom Tillison


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