Rep. Issa confirms GAO waste study pretty much pointless

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., appeared “On The Record” Tuesday night where host Greta Van Susteren was clearly upset over the fact that nothing seems to get done to curb government waste.

Issa revealed that the Government Accountability Office report released Tuesday, “is, to a great extent, similar to what we had last year and the year before,” adding. “very few of these changes were implemented.”

“That’s the insanity!” Van Susteren interrupted. “Why are we even spending money to have the GAO go out and do these reports if we’re not going to do anything. Now we’re wasting more money by having the GAO do a study that we’re not going to do anything about.”

She concluded, “We depend on you — and your committee — to do the oversight so we don’t have these problems. We just sit and watch and are horrified.”


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