No worries: Bobblehead Obamas jam to ‘Sequester Soul’

Sequester Soul Concert
Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

The “Bobblehead” Obamas were  jamming in The People’s House Tuesday night at the “Memphis Soul” Concert, more aptly nicknamed the “Sequester Soul” Concert by some in the media.

Sequester Soul Concert
Justin Timberlake sings “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”
Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

BizPac Review reported how Sean Hannity reminded viewers Tuesday the White House is still closed to the public and he asked the question many have: How can the President “have parties and continue to take vacations when the economy is doing so poorly?”

While most of us won’t begrudge people a good time with great music, watching the First Family movin’ and grovin’ just seems such a slap in the face to those needing and wanting jobs, those missing their loved ones serving overseas, those who can’t even afford to bring their kids to the movies, let alone vacation in the Bahamas, etc.

The Right Pundit put together a short video clip of the President and First Lady enjoying themselves last night that now gives a whole new meaning to an Obama Bobblehead.

Watch President Bobblehead:

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