Netanyahu: I’m determined to end conflict with Palestinians

Secretary of State John Kerry met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday in Jerusalem to discuss negotiations with Palestine and the threat of a nuclear Iran.

“I am determined not only to resume the peace process with the Palestinians, but to make a serious effort to end this conflict once and for all,” said the prime minister, according to Israel Hayom.

Netanyahu emphasized that peace with Palestine hinged on adequate security arrangements as well as Palestine’s recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

According to the Israel Hayom post:

Kerry told Netanyahu that the Palestinians want borders to be the first issue discussed and are demanding that Israel present a map of the borders of a future Palestinian state. Netanyahu said the issue must be left for the final stage of negotiations, as there are essential issues that need to be agreed upon first.

In the following clip, both men comment on the other matter discussed: the prevention of a nuclear Iran.


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