Is Dr. Ben Carson the Jackie Robinson of politics?

ben carson
Photo Credit: Washington Post

I’m giving Dr. Benjamin Carson the “42 Award” as another African-American champion of the day. I expect him to be the Jackie Robinson of politics who will slide, head first, into the White House in 2016. This guy has all the necessary qualifications to make it into the presidential Hall of Fame.

When I first saw and heard him at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, I was blown away. With President Obama glaring beside him, Carson delivered a devastating description of Obamacare that was accurate and, coming from a noted surgeon, a bombshell to the administration’s plans to stick it down our throats. The man has the poise and grace of a leader. He is not to be ruffled or intimidated, nor does he become aggressive and pugnacious. He charms with his smile, knowledge of the topic and, above all, his self-confidence, all of which win him the blue ribbon of influence.

Carson will need all of the above, because like “Mr. 42,” Jackie Robinson, he will have to absorb whatever insults, lies and negative tidbits the Democratic private eyes will throw at him. My suggestion would be to have all Americans, Republican and Democrat, familiarize themselves with Carson’s history and background. Coming from the inner city of Detroit, the son of a single mother, there could be many people questioned by the likes of Chris Matthews, who would only extract negative memories to broadcast.

There is no doubt that the left will throw bricks at Carson’s head. He is a logical target. He is black, conservative and smart. Blacks who stray from the Democratic mob are not to be tolerated. They must be ground under the heel and destroyed. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Allen West, Thomas Sowell and any other African-American who has overcome obstacles, has made it in America and speaks out to encourage others to do the same within our system – they offer only a few examples.

So when you think of No. 42, don’t associate it only with Jackie Robinson. Think of Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West and the other blacks who are outstanding Americans and are the proud, successful symbols of the black community.


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