Hannity explodes over Party Animal in Chief Obama’s flash

Sean Hannity proclaimed on Fox News Tuesday it was “party time” at the White House, but not included on the guest list were the American taxpayers who had to foot the bill. The Obamas hosted the “Memphis Soul” concert, while sequester cuts continue to halt public tours of the White House.

Welcoming former Obama economic advisor Austan Goolsbee to the show, Hannity asked for a response to the following points recently released:

  • CNN/ORC Poll shows Obama’s job disapproval at 54% on the economy, 58% on the federal budget deficit
  • U.S. Census Bureau shows 50 million Americans living in poverty, 20% percent of children living in poverty
  • Food stamp participation increased 48% since Obama took office
  • Number of food stamp participants as of Dec. 2012 – 47,791,996

Hannity asked how the president can have parties and continue to take vacations when the economy is doing so poorly.

“You’re failing to note that there have been improvements in all of the measures you’ve described,” Goolsby argued, comparing the numbers to where they were when Obama took office. He asked Hannity if he noticed that the president voluntarily gave back $20,000 of his salary.

“Cry me a river,” Hannity said, and noted that Obama recently played golf with Tiger Woods arriving in the $180,000 an hour Air Force One.

“You’re on drugs! You can’t be serious!” Hannity shouted.

The live stream of the White House concert played throughout the interview. Looked like it was quite a party.

See the Fox News video via Mediaite here.


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