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Blunder prone Biden calls gun filibuster embarrassing for America

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While 14 senators have pledged to filibuster the pending gun legislation that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is planning to bring for a vote on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that it would be “embarrassing” for America.

Claiming the public is so far beyond the Senate on gun issues, Biden said after meeting with 228 different interest groups from “the NRA to the Brady group”, he knows that a majority of people support moving forward and those that don’t must be in a “time warp.”

“I promise you we are going to win this fight,” Biden said. “This is not going away.”

Biden met with the families of the Newtown shooting victims, and advised them on how to communicate with senators who were not supportive of the legislation which includes new background check requirements.

See Biden’s remarks via NBC here.



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