White House cancels Jews, is Cinco de Mayo still on?

Obama Jewish Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month reception,
May 30, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

How do we know the election is over? Simply by keeping an eye on the number of times Barack Obama sticks his thumb in the eyes of Democrat-loving Jews. After getting a very respectable 68 percent of the Jewish vote, seeing many Jews lavish his campaign with funding and having hundreds of “Rabbis for Obama” sign their names to petitions aimed at Jewish voters, Obama in his typical cool fashion canceled the Jewish Heritage Month event at the White House – a celebration begun in 2006 by then-President George W. Bush.

With all the love and affection Obama has showered on Israel, how could he do such a thing? Where are the shouts of dismay from the Jewish crowd in Hollywood, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer and all the big names listed in the Democrat National Committee’s Jewish Liberal Hall of Fame?

I’m positive Obama will do the same when it comes to the White House’s party celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and the Iftar dinner. Whoever wins the NCAA basketball tournament will surely be disappointed when Obama decides against inviting the team to watch him show off his great hoop skills. Or how about the Women in Foreign Policy celebration he recently hosted? Such important events!

The White House traditionally celebrates Cinco de Mayo. Surely after giving a middle finger to the Jewish community, he would not graciously host that bash next month.

Will the sequester bill the president pushed for and proudly signed into law be held responsible for the White House locking out political and publicity-seeking events in the future? Stay tuned to this space for updates.

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Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


21 thoughts on “White House cancels Jews, is Cinco de Mayo still on?

  1. A Lane says:

    JJ says:

    April 9, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    "..and thank God Sesame Street is getting $10MM to translate their program into Pakistani…"

    To: JJ — People in Pakistan are Pakistanis. They read and speak Arabic.

    You're quite right, imho, about Mr Obama and the Congress wasting money we don't have on unnecessary projects.

  2. A Lane says:

    JJ — please see my comment below. Sorry — it belongs in this space.

  3. Bruriah Sarah says:

    Folks – please visit Orly Taitz's website:


    Orly Taitz has evidence that BHO is using a social security number that was issued in 1977 in CT and that the number was issued to someone else. She has other evidence as well that BHO does not have proper documentation. Although she has challenged this in court, her efforts have been stymied by someone – probably the DOJ. Learn the truth and then please spread to folks you know.

  4. Rich says:

    WE are walking into hell with both eyes open.

  5. Ted says:

    I think that the reason that American Jews voted for Obama is in their label: "American Jews". There seems to be a lot of loaded rhetoric that is produced by those people who seem to have a greater loyalty to the State of Israel than they do to the United States. The support of the Israelis has nothing to do with American observances for religious motivated groups. We should keep this in mind. I suspect that this cancellation is for reasons that we haven't hear so far. The references to possible concentration camps was thrown in just for scaring the unknowing. Like the FEMA camps thing, or the statements that the federal governments wants to take all your guns. On this point, if the government wanted to come and get you, it would be the clerks who will get the papers signed. Just like it was with the Nazis, the Fascists, and the Communists. Your guns won't protect you. This writer has something of a misleading history also. He insisted that the Malmedy Massacre was a anti-Semitic event. It was the killing of unarmed American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge. Any Jews involved were serving US soldiers who happened to be there. I think that maybe the real reason that the writer highlighted this event, was because he had to meet a deadline. Maybe?

  6. Joe Halfon says:

    Here we go again The jews kiss Obamas A.. and he kicks ours

  7. Ted says:

    In Pakistan, like India or Afghanistan, there are literally hundreds of languages. Pastun, Arabic are just two. Trying to influence the youth of a country to look upon us a little more fairly is easily worth 10 million. Match that against the Trillions we have spent in the region to kill their parents. Back to wasting money. The costs for Iraq are still being tabulated. Estimates are from four to six trillion for far for both wars. About four for Iraq. What WMDs? Where's the oil? Oh, yeah, its going to China and Russia. How'd that work out for us? The President (this one and W, et all) and the Congress waste money because they can.

  8. Questionman says:

    You truly are a disgusting disgrace for a human! Does your hate know any bounds?

    Man, I love being right! Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a racist scumbag and YOU ARE a racist scumbag!

    He's a Democrat and he hasn't committed an impeachable offense.

    He doesn't follow Marxist doctrine.

    he's not a communist. Yes he can be impeached, but only because a system known as impeachment exists. he's done nothing to warrant it.

    He was elected to the office so no he is not a dictator.

    If he was a dictator, you wouldn't have been able to post this.

    Just for fun, Obama does not want to take your guns away, nor is he pressing for any legislation that does that. Background checks and a national gun registry would, in no way, take away your guns.

    Can't think but call Obama a POS. Which he obviously is not.

    Is Barack Obama a fraud? No. He is a natural born American citizen!

    Is Barack Obama an evil man? No..Evil was Charles Manson. Evil was Adolph Hitler.

    Is Barack Obama destroying America? No. He saved the auto industry in this country.

    Is Barack Obama a fraud? No. He is a natural born American citizen!

    He is NOT a traitor, nor an Anti-American, you're just a hateful racist scumbag!

    Unfortunately, the Republican Party was once a decent anti racist party. Today,. it has been taken over by far extreme white racists who want to turn back the clock to a time in history in which the white man reign supreme.

    The fact that you don't like him does not make him the worst president ever to exist. Far from it. A balanced group of historians rates him at 14th out of all the presidents we have had and better than every Republican who was elected after Teddy Roosevelt. That covers every Republican president for the past 100 years. Have a nice day.

    You hate Obama because he is black!

  9. Barbara Dobbin says:

    Sadly, Obama forgot that Jews supported both his elctions big time. His true colors took time to surface.


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