O’Reilly: ‘Fascist’ gay students push removal of chaplain from university

gwu Two gay George Washington University students are seeking to have a priest removed for following the Catholic Church’s tenets on homosexuality.

The students, seniors, Damien Legacy and Blake Bergen. filed a formal complaint with the school’s administration to force Fr. Gregory Schaffer off campus according to the Catholic News Agency. Fr. Schaffer serves as a chaplain at the school’s Newman Center where the pair were former members.

“I have never seen Fr. Greg be less than compassionate to any student on an issue of sexuality,” Catholic author and speaker Dawn Eden told CNA. “He’s been instrumental in helping them to find healing in Christ.”

Eden, who joined many other parishioners and students in her support for Fr. Schaffer, added that since his 2009 arrival at the university, participation in Catholic life “shot up exponentially.”

Since the complaint was lodged, students initiated a blog page titled “The Chaplain I know,” where many have offered their support as well as testimony of the priest’s past good works.

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The basis of Legacy and Bergen’s claim that Fr. Schaffer told them that those who harbor attractions to members of the same sex should not act on them, but must instead remain celibate. The two have maintained a vigil outside the Newman Center since filing their complaint as CNA reports.

If Legacy and Bergen thought for an instant that a Catholic priest was going to promote anything other than 2,000 years of Catholic dogma, they must have been smoking something other than Marlboro.

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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly debated Fox contributor Sally Kohn on this issue Monday night.


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