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Obama utterly shocked to discover waste in spending

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Pravda-on-the-Potomac coverage of the Obama administration is nothing new but still continues to surprise, mostly with laugh-out-loud ineptitude.

Today’s lead headline in USA Today is a perfect case: “Duplicate programs waste billions.”

Those who spit out their morning coffee at hearing the federal government doesn’t spend every penny wisely can be consoled, though, for all is not lost. The paper has a comforting subhed: “Obama says he’ll cut redundancy.Obama-Shocked

A mere five years into his presidency, Obama and his team of the best and brightest have determined that there is room for cutting in federal spending! And he’ll cut redundancy, no less! How awesome is this man?

While it’s no secret that all of the mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrats, USA Today manages to set itself apart with sheer endearing buffoonery. The best example so far this year was the Feb. 1 front-page classic, “Dip in economy not so bad,” followed by the again-comforting subhed, “Plenty of economic reports point to positive outlook.” (“See, America, it’s not so bad. I’m sorry you’ve lost your job and everything, but after all, plenty of reports are pointing to a positive outlook.”)

That’s speaking truth to power in a liberal Democrat’s administration.

This just in:

“Huge ball of fire lights USA’s East Coast in a.m.”

“Came to hear Obama crow, ‘Sun’ says.”


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