Obama makes insensitive, graphic comment in Conn. speech

Continuing his campaign for gun control, President Obama spoke to a crowd in Hartford, Conn. on Monday. While he was attempting to fire up the crowd on assault ban rhetoric, he seemed to forget the families of the victims of the Newtown shooting were in attendance.

Obama was introduced by Nicole and Ian Hockley, whose son Dylan was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and thanked them for “their kind words.” He continued by thanking the educators from Sandy Hook Elementary who came and “the survivors who still mourn and grieve, but are still going to work every day.” But about 10 minutes later, it became more of a campaign speech, and less of a show of sympathy for the victims.

“We have to tell Congress it’s time to restore the ban on military-style assault weapons and a ten-round limit for magazines to make it harder for a gunman to fire 154 bullets into his victims in less than five minutes,” Obama said. “Let’s put that to a vote.”

“The President surely could have made his point without using the specific number of bullets fired at those poor children with their parents, family members, and friends present,” Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters commented.

See the MSNBC video via Newsbusters here.



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