Jon Stewart rips Obama, who may be ‘losing his Al Green mojo’

Television funny-guy Jon Stewart tears into President Barack Obama on a number of issues Monday night, stressing to his audience that now is not a good time to be president.

Steward starts with a hilarious bit where he performs on-air CPR to revive the president’s 2014 budget that was two months late and “dead on arrival.”

Suggesting Obama’s mojo may be fading, Stewart then focuses on the “bricklayer-in-chief’s” jump-shot and his 2 for 22 shooting performance on his “home court,” followed by Obama calling California’s Kamala Harris the “best-looking attorney general in the country” and the first lady’s gaffe about being a “single mother.”

But, to show he hasn’t wandered completely off the reservation, Stewart ends on a positive note with a bit on how Democrats have been embracing “Charles Darwin’s Theory of Gay Evolution.”

Tom Tillison


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