Caption this photo! Putin confronted by topless protester

Paint for printing message to Russian President Vladimir Putin: $7. Cab ride to and from trade fair: $45. Expression on Putin’s face: Priceless!

Just as a picture can tell a thousand words, a facial expression can often reveal the person within. Politicians and poker players have learned to mask those expressions, so much so that “poker face” has become cliche’.

When Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a trade fair in Hanover, England, they were confronted by a partially nude woman, apparent;y a Femen demonstrator, with an obscene message directed at the Russian president in the Cyrillic alphabet according to The TRelegraph.

Putin has been known for photos of himself shirtless. This time the tables were turned. When asked about the confrontation, he remarked that he “liked” it.

From the look on his face, I’d say he more than “liked” it.

We invite you to caption this photo. Tell us what you think was on Putin’s mind. But please, keep it clean.

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Vladimir Putin is the man on the far left with the bemused expression on his face. Photo credit The Telegraph.


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