Bill Maher on our troops: Psychopaths who want to kill for free

War correspondent and author Sebastian Junger was on Bill Maher’s HBO show Friday plugging his documentary on a colleague killed in Libya, Which Way is the Frontline from Here: The Life and Times of Tim Heatherington.

Junger was discussing what motivates soldiers to want to re-join their units and what they miss when back in civilian life, according to Media Research Center.

During this exchange, Maher crossed any line of decency when he charged that some in the military are psychpaths who join so they can kill people and not be charged with murder.

“Well, some of them are psychopaths. I mean, let’s be honest. Some people join the Army because it’s the one place where you can kill people for free. Where you’re not charged with murder. I’m not saying that’s the main component of it, but I mean that is some attraction.”

An absolutely despicable accusation by an absolutely despicable human being. Junger very weakly pushed back by saying “there are probably psychopaths in every population.”

Tom Tillison


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