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NRA School Shield Task Force director defends ‘shortsighted’ plan

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The NRA’s School Shield Task Force released an extensive 225-page report last week with specific recommendations on how to improve school safety. Since then former Rep. Asa Hutchinson, head of the task force, has fielded questions ranging from school safety to background checks currently being debated in Congress.

Hutchinson’s latest barrage came on Fox News Sunday, where Chris Wallace said the NRA focus on protecting schools was “shortsighted”. While Hutchinson tried to stay on the topic of the task force report and recommendations, Wallace questioned his support of background checks.

“You have to look at the language. I would look certainly at the gun shows and the sales that surround that in that environment,” Hutchinson said. “If we can make sure there’s a comprehensive check and we keep criminals from obtaining guns in that environment, then those checks would seem appropriate.”

Pushing for clarification and citing veterans who at one time may not have cleared the scrutiny, Wallace asked Hutchinson if he supported expanded background checks.

“This is where the president has taken the debate totally in the wrong direction. I really believe that our focus should be on school safety, that is an objective that we can accomplish,” Hutchinson said. “It’s not that difficult to increase safety and it’s not even the most substantial cost measures that a local a school has to do.”

He went on to explain that whatever legislation is passed and regardless of the type of background checks required, “bad guys are gonna get guns” and it won’t solve school safety issues.

The NSS task force was formed last December in response to the Newtown, Conn. school shooting, and involved numerous professionals that recommended specific ways to make schools safer.

See the entire discussion via Mediaite here.


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