Who said ‘climate change deniers have smaller brains’?


The National Review’s Rich Lowry turned the “denier” label upside down in a column last week, and during an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” Recent disclosures now prove that the true deniers aren’t global warming naysayers, but its proponents — the Al Gores of the world, he argued.

Right on cue, Bette Midler offered her followers a few words of wisdom Saturday in a tweet.

“@ BetteMidler
Are you ready for brain mapping? Obama says they need to begin by monitoring smaller brains. Climate-change deniers may volunteer.”

Midler is behind the times. The Earth, we now know, hasn’t warmed appreciably in over a decade. The much-touted “hockey stick” used to depict a sharp upward trend in warming has suddenly turned into a ramrod-straight pool cue.

Therefore, the new science deniers are those who ignore this fact.


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