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Mom and son run against each other for mayor

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Political families are common, but rarely do you see close members running against each other. Tuesday’s election in Dixmoor, Ill., a southern Chicago suburb, will see just that.

“If I win, I believe my son will be very supportive,” Wendy Casey said in an NBC News report. She said her son Randall, who still lives with her, “is not mature mentally to take on the responsibility of running a community.”

Randall, 27, declined and interview, but said in a statement to NBC that he isn’t running against his mom, but running for the people of Dixmoor.

Political comedian Dean Obeidallah says it’s the perfect reality show. “It’s better than the Kardashians, it’s better than Honey Boo Boo,” he said.

This could make the family dinner table conversation interesting.

See the NBC report here.


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