Colo. Dems block vote to ban welfare cards at strip clubs

Colorado lawmakers

One lone Democrat joined a group of GOP state lawmakers in an attempt to ban welfare recipients from using their Electronic Benefit Cards to withdraw cash from ATMs at Colorado strip clubs.

EBT cards are used just like credit cards to make purchases and withdraw cash, but they’re pulled from the buyer’s welfare account.

Rep. Dan Pabon, of Denver, the third-ranking Democrat in the Colorado House, joined eight Republican colleagues late Thursday in proposing the change as part of a budget amendment. A similar measure, which Pabon proposed two years earlier, passed the House, only to be defeated in the Senate, according to The Denver Post. Padron is pictured in the Post photo above, center, in the blue shirt, together with the Republicans he joined in the amendment proposal.

The Post reported:

Congress has since passed a nearly identical measure, and some House Republicans wanted to comply with the new federal law by offering the ban in a budget amendment. They asked Pabon, apparently a guy ahead of his time, for his support. Gladly, the assistant majority leader said.

This go-around, the amendment didn’t even get as far as it did in 2011. The remaining Democratic House members voted down the amendment.

Republican Rep. Lois Landgraf attempted to offer the amendment again later, saying, “If you’re on the dole, you shouldn’t be on the pole.” The effort failed.


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