Target store oops: Are you a size ‘manatee’?

What Target has called an “unintentional oversight,” others are saying is a mean, fat-girl joke. You decide.

While browsing on April 3, shopper Susan Clemens noticed the same Target-brand Kimono maxi dress was sold with the color option “Dark Heather Gray” for regular sizes, but “Manatee Gray” in plus-sizes.

And yes, Clemens immediately tweeted her discovery to Target, echoing what we’re all thinking, “What the…?”

Target tweet

Target manatee grey

Target was all over the mistake and apologized via Twitter for the “unintentional oversight”:

Target tweet apology

Target then offered a full explanation on its full-figured flub.

Target spokesman Joshua Thomas told Forbes Manatee Gray “is a color found on many products across a range of categories on the Target website, some of them in women’s regular and even petite sizes.”

According to Forbes:

In this case, [Thomas] says, there were two different teams of buyers responsible for the “missy” and plus-size product lines, and the teams didn’t coordinate when they inputted the product information for the site. One team apparently used the color’s official name, while the other eyeballed it.

“We apologize for any discomfort this might have caused and are working to update the name of the dress to reflect Dark Heather Gray,” Thomas told FORBES. “This was an unfortunate oversight and we’ll take it into consideration moving forward.”

The dress is now simply sold in plain old “gray” on Target’s website, Forbes reported. (Interesting, no questions or answers on how the plus-sized dress is $2.99 cheaper than the regular sized dress. Go figure.)

The Huffington Post reported Target isn’t the first store to cause controversy with color codes. In 2010, Urban Outfitters offered a t-shirt in “Obama/Black.”  Needless to say, it yanked the shirt and profusely apologized to customers as well.

For more controversial labeling “oops,” see Huffington Post’s slideshow here.

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