Investigation of bullying liberal teachers prompted by 15 year-old’s courage

The Wisconsin teenager bullied by teachers over his conservative political values spoke to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Friday about the harassment he suffered for years and the new investigation against his teachers.

Benji Backer, 15, said the “harassment started when he was 12 and began receiving public notice for his GOP volunteer work,” BizPac Review reported on April 1.

Sadly, his teachers’ verbal attacks continued even after Backer was forced to switch schools.

Backer told Kelly about an incident where he went to the principal after his English teacher went on a tirade about not making enough money to support his family on his teacher’s salary, and even took a jab at Backer’s father.

At the principal’s urging, young Backer approached the teacher, who told him, “I do not give a sh__,” implying nothing would happen since the teacher and principal were friends.

Backer said he was “totally shocked” by the teacher’s response.

But Backer said what most concerns him, and the reason he wrote about his experience for, is for all the other conservative students facing the same bullying from liberal teachers.

Backer said:

As a student it is scary to stand up to a teacher because they can judge you, they can view you in a completely different way. And they are ultimately in charge of your future.

I had the guts to do this because this isn’t about me, I will have negative repercussions because of this, but it’s about the other students across the country who are dealing with these same problems who need this to stop in the public school system.

Kelly assured Backer if he suffered any repercussions, she would expose his abusers on her show, “America Live.”

According to Backer, his high school principal has been very supportive of him, and now, the school board in his district has opened an investigation on the teachers who bullied him.

Watch the interview via Mediaite here:


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