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Gutfeld’s fed up with Hollywood glorifying armed radicals

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“So last week we saw Robert Redford crawl up the butt of the Weather Underground,” The Five’s co-host Greg Gutfeld said on a Friday’s show, and it just kept getting better from there. The subject matter? How Hollywood often glorifies radicals and ignores life’s true heroes.

Gutfeld specifically ranted on Jada Pinkett Smith’s new film honoring 1960s radical Angela Davis, communist, Black Panther and proud member of the FBI’s 10 most wanted list.

Although Davis never personally killed anyone during her domestic terrorist days, she certainly aided and abetted others in doing so.

After her boyfriend was sent to prison for killing a security guard, her boyfriend’s brother, Jonathan “entered a courthouse armed with a shotgun that Davis had bought,” he said. “That gun blew a judge’s head off.”

And what is Davis doing today? “Surprise!” Gutfeld said. “She was awarded a faculty job at a salary far beyond a prison guard’s widow.”


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