MSNBC host exploits 4-year-old daughter to promote gay marriage

From the Supreme Court to the couple down the street, these days everyone seems to be talking about same-sex marriage. But you don’t see many 4-year-olds weighing in on the topic, unless you’re watching MSNBC.

Krystal Ball, co-host of The Cycle, produces an online segment called “Political Playground.” Friday’s segment featured Ball questioning her daughter, Ella, about same-sex marriage.

When Ball asked Ella about marriage, the child’s answers were vague, which is normal at her age. But interestingly enough, the little girl knows that same-sex marriage is allowed in New York.

“What if you were in love with a girl, would you marry a girl?” Ball asks.

“Um, only here I can marry a girl,” Ella replies. “Cause girls can marry girls, and boys can marry boys in New York.”

As they talk about how other states won’t allow that type of marriage, obviously goaded to the politically correct answer, Ella exclaims, “That’s crazy!”

See the MSNBC segment here.


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