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Judge rules abortion pill must be available without prescription to all ages

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A federal district court judge ruled Friday in a controversial decision that, if you’re old enough to reproduce, then you’re old enough to get the “morning after pill” without prescription.

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The upshot of the ruling is that the pill, variously known as “Plan B” and “the abortion pill,” must be an on-the-shelf item that girls of any age will be able to obtain without parental consent.

The FDA was petitioned to review its age restriction, set at 17-years old and above. U.S. District Judge Edward Korman found that the agency ignored the petition to the point where it amounted to “administrative agency filibuster,” according to Fox News.

“The plaintiffs should not be forced to endure, nor should the agency’s misconduct be rewarded by, an exercise that permits the FDA to engage in further delays and obstruction,” he wrote. 

Korman described the age restriction as both “arbitrary” and “capricious,” and gave the agency 30 days to comply with his ruling.


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