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Geraldo stuns hosts: Military using N.Korea hysteria to justify spending

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Geraldo Rivera fired up the hosts of “Fox and Friends” Friday morning with his opinion that the only threat the U.S. faces over North Korea is from our own military using the hysteria to justify more spending.

“My fear is that the military industrial complex in the United States is seizing now on this freak in North Korea,” Rivera said. “This is going to be the next gigantic expenditure.”

He said it was “preposterous” that the military is spending trillions of dollars sending missile defense systems to both coasts of the U.S. and to Guam when North Korea doesn’t even have the capability to hit those targets.

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade vehemently disagreed, pointing out that the U.S. must take precautions, especially in the immediate region. He said it only takes one bomb launched by North Korea to cause destruction in the region.

Watch the heated debate via Mediaite here:


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