Colo. Dem insults senior citizen on gun rights: ‘You’d probably be dead anyway’

In Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, a senior citizen stood up at a gun control forum to ask a question of U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado, a leading proponent of a federal ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines.

He asked: “My question is: What about me? There may not be one bad guy that comes into my house… I have to change magazines? I am (at) a serious disadvantage. What about me?”

Responding as Democrats often do when they can’t answer a fair question, Degette responded with a snide comment: “The good news for you, you live in Denver. The (Denver Police Department) would be there within minutes.”

DeGette then added amid laughter, You’d probably be dead anyway if they had that kind of firepower.” It’s unclear why this would be considered funny?

As reported in the Denver Post, when asked how a ban on magazines holding more than 15 rounds would be effective in reducing gun violence, DeGette actually said:

“I will tell you these are ammunition, they’re bullets, so the people who have those know they’re going to shoot them, so if you ban them in the future, the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.”

Tom Tillison


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