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Bitter Peter King tells Marco Rubio to stay home

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A bitter U.S. Rep. Peter King appeared on “Morning Joe” and showed he still holds a grudge against Republicans who voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill in Jan.

“My relationship with Congress will never be the same again,” King, a Republican Congressman from New York said. “They made us wait 90 to 100 days to give the most basic human aid. It was absolutely disgraceful. When I see these Republicans slapping each other on the back, all the camaraderie, ‘Hey, we’re great friends.’ All I know is that there were people close to dying in my district and noone gave a damn. That’s not something I’m going to forget.”

King is still angry at how long it took Congress to approve the aid package, noting that aid for Hurricane Katrina came within days.

King said Republican’s concern that the bill was filled with “pork” was a “phony argument” since 99 percent of the bill was designated aid for Hurricane Sandy victims.

He then slightly digressed from the conversation to take aim at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio:

Guys like Marco Rubio in Florida and all the money your people have gotten in Florida over the years from every hurricane that came along and this guy has the nerve to vote against money from New York, and they come up here and try to raise money? He can forget it.

I made it clear any of those people who voted and postured against money coming to New York and New Jersey and then wants to come up here and take money out of our pockets, forget it. They can stay home.

The “Morning Joe” hosts seemed a bit surprised at the anger King still harbors at his colleagues. “So, you’re not going to forgive and forget?” Joe Scarborough asked King in an effort to lighten the mood.

“No, I won’t. And I never will.”

Watch the relevant segment with Rep. King on “Morning Joe” at the 5:55 mark:

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