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Will Fla. counties use national momentum to squash gun rights?

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Anti-gun-sculpture-at-the-United-NationsOngoing efforts by President Obama and the Democratic Party to push strict gun control measures on the country continue, as seen in the president’s visit Wednesday to Denver, where he touted new gun control measures enacted in Colorado as “a model of what’s possible.”

Well, if elected officials in Florida’s Hillsborough County have their way, they too may be used as “a model” in curtailing citizen’s second amendment rights.

After a discussion Wednesday on how to prevent violence, Hillsborough County Commissioner Les Miller asked if the county had the power to enact major gun control legislation, to include a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition clips, and mandatory background check for all gun purchases, the Tampa Tribune reports.

Since his motion to have the county attorney research the county’s gun control powers was not on the agenda, he was requested to schedule a discussion for the next board meeting. A request Miller rejected.

In the end, the Republican-dominated commission voted 6-1 to support Miller’s request, with only one of the five Republicans on the commission voting no — Commissioner Mark Sharpe, the Tribune notes.

The commission also voted 7-0 to support a violence prevention group that includes $150,000 in taxpayer funds, the bulk of which will go to Prevention Institute, a California-based non-profit that helps cities develop successful violence prevention strategies.

Talk about a predictable outcome.

The decision makes one wonder how residents in Hillsborough County feel about how much they pay in taxes and whether they believe there are more pressing priorities that could benefit from the money.

Tom Tillison


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