Senior White House advisor says president’s budget doesn’t balance — ever

A senior White House advisor acknowledged Wednesday that the president’s budget doesn’t balance — ever.

The White House budget is due on the first Monday of February, meaning that as of Thursday, it will be a full two months late.

Not to worry, though. Senior White House economics advisor Dan Pfeiffer gave the press a preview of coming attractions at the Mayflower Hotel, according to CSPAN3.

Pfeiffer was asked point blank, “Will your budget balance?”It was one of those “yes” or “no” questions that politicians and bureaucrats hate.

After some verbal gymnastics, Pfeiffer said, “[balancing the budget] certainly isn’t what [House Budget Committee Chairman] Paul Ryan thought in his last two budgets — that didn’t balance.”

True enough, but the Ryan budgets at least eventually balanced. With this in mind, Pfeiffer was asked, “But there’s not going to be a date where it balances?”

His answer was, “No,” with a “but” added. Everything after the “but” was just more verbal gymnastics.


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