Chris Matthews: 2nd amendment used to intimidate, kill govt. officials

MSNBC political pundit Chris Matthews has tripped over himself once again in his eagerness to be in compliance with President Obama’s far-left agenda.

On Wednesday’s show, Matthews exploits the recent slaying of Colorado’s corrections chief and the deaths of two Texas prosecutors to advance the Democratic Party’s talking points on gun control and ties freshman Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s pro-Second Amendment views into his twisted logic.

As seen in the video, The “Hardball” host said:

“We’ve got a Texas senator, Ted Cruz, who won’t let the Senate hold a democratic vote on gun safety. So, no democracy. We’ve got people out there using guns to get even with public officials, intimidating those they don’t kill. This is where we are with guns in this country: “Second Amendment remedies” being executed on public officials, refusal by some elected officials to let us have a Democratic vote on what to do about it.”

The reference to “second amendment remedies” is based on comments made three years ago by unsuccessful Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle, who said “if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies…”

Tom Tillison


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