Video: Nation worries for police dog thrown out window

Fontana Police Dog Jaris
Fontana, CA K-9, Jaris
Photo Credit: The Sun

A California police dog, thrown out of a second-story window by a man on parole, may now need surgery for his head injury.

Jaris, a 6 1/2-year-old Belgian Malinois with the Fontana Police Department was sent in Sunday after Bryan Bills, 28, “who was listed as an armed and dangerous parolee,” The Sun reported.

Bills was attempting to escape out an open window, so Jaris was sent into the home.

“When Jaris ran toward Bills, Bills used the dog’s momentum to throw the animal out of an open window,” the article said.

Jaris landed on his head on the concrete below.

Jaris K-9 Fontana PD
Jaris back home with his family Monday.
Photo Credit: The Press-Enterprise

The Press-Enterprise reported Jaris had a large wound on his head, was bleeding from the nose and staggering.

Jaris’s handler, Officer Steve Bechtold, rushed him to an emergency veterinarian, and now police are waiting to learn if the dog has brain damage.

On Tuesday, Jaris developed “more swelling on his nose and a bulge on his forehead” and now police said Jaris may have to undergo surgery for his head injuries, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported.

“This is a first,” Lt. Gary Aulis, head of the department’s K-9 program, told the Sun. “Of the dogs injured in the line of duty, we’ve never had something even remotely like this happen. ”

“Bills was arrested on suspicion of injuring a police dog, resisting an officer and violating parole,” The Sun reported.

As he in violation of his parole, he will not be able to get out on bail.

It’s just a shame the law prevents throwing cretins like Bills out a window on his head.

See Jaris and Officer Bechtold in a Fontana ABC 7 interview here:


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