Obama busted using faulty, 20 year-old data to push gun control

Busted! Photo credit www.michellesmirror.com
Right up there with “If you like your doctor you can keep him” and “It’s all Bush’s fault” comes yet another Obamaism, my euphemism for a whopper: “40 percent of gun sales lack background checks.”

Since the Dec. 14 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Barack Obama has used this phrase repeatedly hoping, I can only imagine, that if he repeats it enough times the public may actually buy into it. Not so fast, said the Washington Post Tuesday.

The Post, never noted as a bastion of conservative thought, examined this phrase, said, “Nope! Not true” and awarded it with three Pinocchios.

The Post’s Glenn Kessler noted:

There are two key problems with the president’s use of this statistic: The numbers are about two decades old, yet he acts as if they are fresh, and he refers to “purchases” or “sales” when in fact the original report concerned “gun acquisitions” and “transactions.”  Those are much broader categories of data.

The Post asked the University of Chicago’s Jens Ludwig, one of the author’s of the study, “to rerun the data, just looking at guns purchased in the secondary market” as opposed to “acquisitions,” such as gifts and inheritances. “The result, depending on the definition, was 14 percent to 22 percent.”

If that’s not problematic enough, it turns out that the survey the president’s relies on may itself have been faulty. The sampling data consisted of only 251 randomly called people in a telephone survey.

Also, the only way the president can come up with the 40 percent figure he uses is by doing some serious rounding up. “When all of the “yes” and “probably was” answers were added together, that left 35.7 percent of respondents indicating they did not receive the gun from a licensed firearms dealer.”

The Post asked the White House for a comment as to why the president continues to use these faulty statistics. So far, all they’ve hear is the sound of crickets.

Rad the full report on The Washington Post.


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