Defensive O’Reilly gets overheated with Ingraham over ‘thump the Bible’ comment

Bill O’Reilly isn’t handling criticism from his conservative peers over his “thump the Bible” comment very well.

O’Reilly had a surprisingly heated argument Tuesday evening with Laura Ingraham who tried hard to remain calm and make her point.

It was fascinating to watch these two conservatives who normally respect each other’s opinions vehemently disagree over O’Reilly’s comment last week that opponents to gay marriage must do more than “thump the Bible” to make their point.

According to Mediaite:

Ingraham agreed with O’Reilly that gay marriage opponents are not always good at making their case, but said O’Reilly unnecessarily insulted them. O’Reilly insisted he made an “honest point” about gay marriage, and shocked Ingraham by saying that opponents cannot cite the Bible in a policy argument. Ingraham told O’Reilly he was being disrespectful, which led O’Reilly to tell Ingraham he’s “disappointed” in her.

Watch the uncomfortable argument via Mediaite here:


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