Fools at White House attempt April Fool’s Day joke

The biggest April Fool’s Day joke came from the White House Monday morning.

Yes, I know you know that’s been a joke since 2009, but this was actually an attempt (epic fail) at humor from the Obama administration.

While millions of Americans either went back to work or wished they even had a job on Easter Monday, the White House was busy, busy with the Easter Egg Roll and planning an April Fool’s Day joke on the country.

The White House tweeted Monday morning to stand by for a “special video message from the president.”

The video, shown on the White House website, featured Robby Novak, a YouTube star known for playing “Kid President,” the Associated Press reported.

He peeked his head over the lectern and said, “It looks like you were expecting somebody else.”

“But April Fool’s on all y’all. I’m Kid President and I hope everyone has an awesome day.”

It progressively gets worse, and utterly embarrasing, from there.

It’s damn hard in these times to find the humor in watching this administration make a mockery of the Presidency and White House.

But here you are: President Barack Obama’s April Fool’s Day joke on America:


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