fat woman in chair
Fat people pay up: Airline first to charge by weight

The South Pacific’s Samoa Air will be the world’s first commercial air to set passengers’ fares on the basis of their weight. Overweight passengers would be charged […]

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama assures WH guests: ‘This is your house, too’

Although White House tours remain cancelled to the public, invited guests in sync with the Obama’s particular brand of politics are than welcome. While holding a […]

Associated Press
Associated Press no longer accepts use of term ‘illegal immigrant’

The Associated Press announced Tuesday it no longer approves of the term “illegal immigrant” in describing “people living in a country illegally.” Many news organizations use the […]

James O'Keefe
Hidden video: Piers Morgan, film industry asked to help stop gun violence

In James O’Keefe’s latest video, Project Veritas investigators urge Piers Morgan, Oprah Winfrey’s production company Harpo, and Robert DeNiro’s production company Tribeca to help put an end […]

North Korea live fire
Video: North Korean army practices firing on US troop cutouts

A newly-released propaganda video depicts North Korean soldiers engaging in live-fire military exercises against U.S. troops — sort of. Each time tensions escalate between the two Koreas, […]

School safety
NRA shows Congress how to do its job

The National Rifle Association announced in Decemberthe formation of the National School Shield program, which set out to compile a report on school safety in response to […]

Kathy Boudin
Paroled Weather Underground Cop-killer teaching at Columbia University

Would you take a class at prestigious Columbia University if it was taught by a cop killing, convicted felon, former member of the Weather Underground? Neither would […]

Publix Sarasota
Deceitful tactics browbeat companies, ‘unionize’ immigrants

Recently in Florida, a labor advocacy group called the Coalition of Immalee Workers (CIW) marched 200 miles from Fort Myers to Lakeland to protest against a company […]

Hannity show degenerates into shouting match over gay marriage

A discussion with civil rights attorney Leo Terrell and TeaParty.net chief strategist Niger Innis degenerated into a shouting match on the Sean Hannity Show last night over […]

Stockton Bankruptcy
Pensions at heart of Stockton, California’s historic bankruptcy

Stockton, Calif., has become the first major city in the United States to enter bankruptcy. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein said Monday the bankruptcy declaration was needed […]

LEGO Jabba's Palace
LEGO denies pulling product because of Muslim criticism

A social media firestorm erupted yesterday after several media outlets reported that LEGO caved to Muslim demands to discontinue selling one of their Star Wars products. The […]

Larry Thomas
Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi steamed at gun manufacturer

The actor best known for his role as the “Soup Nazi” on “Seinfeld” is incensed that gun manufacturer Serbu Firearms used his image on a T-Shirt and […]