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Conn. baker takes heat for ‘insensitive’ AR-15 themed birthday cake

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We have now come to a point in America where we must be politically correct with our personal birthday cakes.

AR-15 Cake Jenny-Lu's Bakery
Photo Credit: Facebook, Jenny-Lu’s

Elizabeth Mais went all around Middlebury, Conn. looking for a baker to make an AR-15 themed birthday cake for her husband’s birthday, but many bakers actually refused to do it.

Finally, Mais found Jennifer Montalto, owner of Jenny-Lu’s in Middlebury, to bake exactly what she wanted. The cake was to be showcased at a local NRA dinner, the Blaze reported.

The cake was decorated with a really cool looking AR-15 and edible Gadsden flag.

“Jennifer brought my vision to life, creating the most beautiful cake I have ever seen,” the Blaze reported Mais said. “My husband’s reaction when first seeing the cake was ‘Oh my God, that’s a cake?’ The joy on his face was worth all the aggravation I went through.”

According to the Blaze, Mais explained on the NRA’s blog specifically why she wanted an AR-15 themed cake:

In light of the ridiculous gun bans proposed here in CT, I thought an AR cake with the Gadsden flag draped over the rifle case was fitting. Both Bill & I strongly oppose any ban that restricts Americans from enjoying the best sporting rifle created. Bill has even testified at the state capital fighting against such restrictions.

However, the Woodbury-Middlebury Patch reported some reviewers on Yelp criticized Jenny-Lu’s bakery saying the cake was “insensitive” and was “ridiculing the tragedy in Newtown.”

Fortunately, though, Montalto told the NRA News radio the response to photos of her cake were generally supportive and positive, especially on her Facebook page.

Listen to the interview with Montalto on NRA News radio:

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