Ann Coulter mingles at private Boca event

Political firecracker Ann Coulter spoke to conservative PAC American Courage at a private dinner event hosted by Dr. Larry Kawa Thursday.

Coulter addressed about 100 people at Maggiano’s in Boca Raton touching on the forward thinking strategy of the Republican Party and the current “State of the Nation.”

Photo Credit:  Margi Helschien, Boris Balaban

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2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter mingles at private Boca event

  1. Doug Hanks says:

    At CPAC Anne dismissed Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal as being too diminutive to run for President. Do you agree?

  2. Rifraffe says:

    Dick Farrel doesn't miss many of these food events. Larry Kawa is an orthodontist in Boca who recognizes a good marketing opportunity when he see one. Ask the other dentists in his particular field what they think of him and his practices. I would caution local repubs not to pose for too many photo ops with this guy.

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