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Wow, Peeps turn 60 this year!

Peep rock stars
Photo credit: Marshmallowpeeps.com

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Where does the time go? In 1953, the Just Born candy company of Bethlehem, Penn., began mass-producing the original yellow chicks known as Peeps, hence the name, according to Wikipedia. Easter wouldn’t be the same without Peeps, the marshmallow chicks, bunnies and other animals that turn 60 this year.

The process to create the confections once took 26 hours, but with automation, it now takes just six minutes. Made from marshmallow, corn syrup, gelatin and carnauba wax, Peeps primarily began as filler for Easter baskets. Today, they are included in Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day celebrations, and are marketed in an advertising campaign that touts, “Peeps – Always in Season.”

As part of its new marketing plan, Just Born has launched a new commercial in which a boy tells his younger brother about the different ways people eat or use their Peeps. See the new ad here:

Numerous contests are held all over the United States inviting fans to create dioramas featuring Peeps. This will be the seventh year the Washington Post has held such a contest. Located in our nation’s Capitol, this particular contest often features dioramas of a political nature. From the presidential debates and political conventions, to protests in front of the White House, no topic is spared.

“Peep Eastwood talks to an empty chair”

Peep Clint Eastwood and chair

“Peepquestration: Peeps on the Edge”

Peep Fiscal Cliff


Earlier this week, Fox & Friends highlighted the delightful sugary treat in a segment on “Peeps in the Plaza”:


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