New high-def app offers view of Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin
Photo Credit: Fox St. Louis

The Shroud of Turin will be shown in a rare public broadcast on Italian television on Easter Sunday, but what about the rest of us who want to see it? There’s now an app for that.

Before he resigned, Pope Benedict XVI authorized the first broadcast of the Turin Shroud in 40 years.

CNN reported that this rare glimpse of the ancient religious relic is important because the shroud will not go on public display again for another 10 years.

“Archbishop of Turin Cesare Nosiglia will lead a service from the cathedral on Saturday afternoon during which the images of the shroud will be broadcast,” according to Vatican Radio, CNN reported.

Shroud 2.0, a new app for iPhone and iPad users, was released Friday with the full sanction of the Catholic Church. “The app, released in several languages, allows users to scroll over a high-definition image of the shroud and find out more about its history and religious significance,” CNN said.

Watch the CNN report on the fascinating mystery of the Shroud of Turin and the new app, Shroud 2.0, here:


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